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I’m Anthony Shaw, Strength Coach & Founder of Raw Strength Gym.

I first started learning about strength and conditioning coaching when I was 16. My hopes of playing professional rugby were diminishing because I couldn’t get myself stronger or build any muscle; it frustrated the hell out of me! There was no support or coaching available for young rugby players like me back then, so I took it upon myself to learn about strength training….

Nearly 10 years later and I’ve been to university, got a degree, coached with a professional rugby league club and have been running my own strength and conditioning facility since 2010.  Now I can provide awesome training and support to everyone with any fitness or sporting goal. More importantly, when a client or young athlete comes to me with high hopes of achieving their goals, I can help them avoid years of frustration and mediocre results!

In the last few years I’ve worked with:

  • Wales Lacrosse Senior Men’s Team
  • Talented Athletes at Lymm High School
  • Helped Cheshire Jet’s Youth Basketball become National Champions
  • Cadishead Rhino’s RLFC
  • Sandbach RUFC
  • And many, many more individual athletes and fitness enthusiasts!

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